Measures Library

Measures Library

Our measures library is a resource for researchers looking for psychometric tools for use in social connection research. The library is organized into measures that map on to the constructs of awareness, courage, and love, as well as general measures of social connection and other psychological phenomena that are important in social connection research.

Here is a file indexing the measures, a short description, and their validation paper.

Below are downloadable PDFs of the measure (  ) and their original validation papers (  ).*

If you have suggestions for additional measures, or any other comments/questions please contact us


    Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) 
    Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaires 
    Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills (KIMS) 
    Mindful Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) 
    Mind in the Eyes Scale (MIES) 


    Authenticity in Relationships  
    Behavioral Inhibition/Activation Scale (BIS/BAS) 
    Fear of Compassion Scale
    Fear of Intimacy Scale (FIS)  
    Relational Health Index (RHI)
    The Authenticity Scale


    Compassionate Love Scale  
    FAP Intimacy Scale (FAPIS)
    Friendship-Based Love Scale
    Relationship Closeness Inventory 
    Rubin's Love and Liking Scale 
    Personal Assessment of Intimacy in Relationships Scale (PAIR)
    Self-Compassion Scale 


    Acceptance and Action Questionnaire (AAQ)  
    Brief Multidimensional Spiritual Experiences Scale 
    Experiences in Close Relationships Scale 
    Inclusion of Other in the Self
    Interpersonal AAQ (I-AAQ) 
    Interpersonal Competency Scale 
    Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI) 
    Interpersonal Support Evaluation List-College Student (ISEL)  
    Interpersonal Support Evaluation List-General Population (ISEL)
    Kanter Modified Daily Spiritual Experiences Scale 
    Negative Effects Questionnaire
    Personality Inventory for DSM-V (PID-5) 
    Positive-Negative Relationship Quality Scale
    Positive and Negative Affect Schedule Short Form (PANAS-SF)
    Relationship Flourishing Scale
    The Scale of Perceived Interpersonal Closeness
    The Schutte Self Repor Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT) 
    Social Connectedness Scale - Revised (SCS-R)
    Social Desirability Scale
    Social Network Index
    Social Provisions Scale 
    Social Support Survey 
    Symptom Checklist 6 & 10 (SCL-6/10)
    UCLA Loneliness Scale
    WHO Quality of Life Scale (WHOQOL) 

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