Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis

The Center is engaged in efforts to understand the psychological impacts of social distancing and in helping people cope as best as possible. See New COVID-19 Study below, under Research, and popular press.



Using Social Connection to Reduce Prejudice

We are testing interventions to reduce intergroup anxiety and prejudice in medical settings and on college campuses. Our racism research agenda explores the tendency of individuals in positions of power and privilege to microaggress against others and how to reduce this tendency. 

Our Center Supports Black Lives Matter

Amidst the flood of advice and resources for fighting against police brutality and racism since the death of George Floyd, here are imporant two resources we wanted to highlight:

#BlackLivesMatter: Ways to Help
Campaign Zero


Our mission is to maximize human growth and potential through research on social connection. We are committed to improving lives by impacting matters of public health significance. Our research explores how improved relationships and social connections may reduce racism and prejudice and improve physical and mental health. 


Microaggressions: New Research Learn More   >>

Not Just Innocent Blunders

Innovative research from our team on racial bias and microaggressions.

From Ally to Antiracist Click Here   >>

From Ally to Antiracist

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